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Sinclair lewis, the author of babbitt, devised several key literary elements to explain his full effect and purpose for writing his novel. With the passage of that much time, and the human promise that it carried, the problems and deficiencies identified in 1983s clarion call for action should have been corrected. Answering them is a genuinely hard problem (or it wouldnt be taking so long). However, these views are starkly opposed by burkes views of the french revolution (1789), which are collected in his most widely known work, the political pamphlet, which became an immediate best-seller, was written in part as a response to richard prices (1790)...

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Moreover, even justice is not spared of parody, injustice and chaos are logical consequences of living in wonderland...


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I believe that the role i will play in my study group will be the level-headed planner, who analyzes a complicated situation, prioritizes tasks, and assigns responsibilities...

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  • Ccea English Lit Coursework